Artist Bio

CrowBooty was born in 2008 when Diane Farnsworth returned to designing jewelry after a 25 year hiatus from silversmithing.  Since then Carl Craig has joined Diane at crafting resin pieces and making molds.  Carl Craig, a musician, web designer, programmer, video editor, recently began collaboration with Diane with leather, as well as creating his own work, free style tooled cuffs as well as upcycled leather jewelry.

Diane has designed jewelry since the age of 10 when she and her sister painted sand dollars and sold them as earrings in Florida head shop then in her 20s was taught silversmithing.  Since then she has experimented with silver, copper, brass, gold, enameling, beads, feathers, wire work, upcycling vintage jewelry, leather, and resin and blends the various techniques when creating her work. Her writing and her son’s songs are incorporated in her ‘Poetry Jewelry’, (copper and silver cuffs and rings).

A former actor dancer with a degree in Creative Writing, Diane considers herself an interdisciplinary artist, as she works with video and paint as well as with metals.

 In 2015 Diane and Katherine Soucie began a new line of collaborative resin jewelry which was seen on the Fall runway with Sans Soucie clothing in London, England in 2015 and toured with the Motainai Collective in North Carolina in June-July and in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2016.  Carl has also collaborated in making resin-leather belts in this Soucie-Booty line, in which he crafts the leather holding the resin hoops together.

When Diane doesn’t work as an artist, she is working with clients as an expressive art therapist. Her work reflects the rich life she has lived, as an actor, writer, director, painter, dancer, expressive art therapist, and jewelry designer.  


Diane works with silver, copper, brass and gold-fill.  She favors copper because of it’s medicinal properties and it’s ability to enhance the strength in healing stones.  Most of the copper that Diane uses for Poetry Jewelry is recycled, as is the chain and some of the gem beads.  Diane is currently experimenting with resin and fabric. CrowBooty is currently collaborating with Sans Soucie, (Zero-Waste), on a new line of resin jewelry and accessories.